Woman's sudden paralysis linked to Johnson & Johnson vaccine, she says

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston pistillate spent 22 days successful the infirmary suffering from a uncommon upset known arsenic Guillain-Barré that she said her doc determined was brought connected by her COVID-19 vaccine.

Jamie Walton said she has been precise cautious passim the pandemic due to the fact that she is fearful of getting the virus. About 3 months ago, she got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Then, astatine the opening of June, she said she started feeling numbness and tingling successful her feet and hands.

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"I cognize my assemblage and I knew thing wasn't right, truthful I kept trying to spell to antithetic doctors and I kept being told, 'You're dehydrated. You're fine,'" Walton said. "One doc told maine I had anxiety."

The different steadfast pistillate started falling and ended up paralyzed from the waist down and was not capable to walk. She said she went to the exigency country doubly and met with respective doctors earlier she recovered retired what was wrong.

"When this archetypal happened, I honestly thought 'Am I dying?'" Walton recalled. "It's truthful weird erstwhile you person everything being taken distant from you, and it was beauteous accelerated moving up the legs to my hips to wherever I was numb, waist down, past the arms and the fingers."

Walton said it was her brother-in-law, who is simply a doctor, who determined she had Guillain-Barré.

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She checked successful to Memorial Hermann Hospital, had a spinal pat to corroborate and was determination for 22 days. During that time, she was treated for the uncommon upset and began regaining feeling successful her little body.

"If excavation wasn't caught erstwhile it was and it got to my diaphragm, I could person been similar a batch of these patients who are successful the infirmary connected ventilators not capable to talk, not capable to determination and determination for a long, agelong time," Walton said.

She said she went to TIRR Memorial to larn however to locomotion again and bash different basal movements.

"After analysis, they determined excavation was decidedly caused by getting the [Johnson & Johnson] vaccine," Walton said.

Monday, the FDA updated the statement connected the company's vaccine to pass of the accrued anticipation of Guillain-Barré. They said they person not established that the vaccine causes the syndrome but noted an summation successful reports of it.

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According to the Mayo Clinic, the syndrome is uncommon and happens erstwhile the body's immune strategy attacks your nerves. Symptoms see numbness, tingling and weakness successful your legs that dispersed to your precocious body. Some study not being capable to walk.

"I perfectly would inactive get the vaccine," Walton said. "I deliberation that what I went done was horrible. I anticipation nary 1 other ever has to spell done that, but I would decidedly instrumentality the vaccine again."

Walton said she self-reported her lawsuit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

She hopes to rise consciousness astir Guillain-Barré, successful general, not conscionable associated to the vaccine.

"It's truthful uncommon that the doctors don't cognize what they are looking at," Walton said.

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