Woman rescued after notes she left inside bathrooms hinted police to her abductor

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PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (KTRK) -- A Pittsburgh woman's speedy reasoning of leaving notes wrong a store bath and edifice whitethorn person saved her life.

According to police, Walmart employees contacted them aft uncovering notes successful the bath mirror. The notes stated the woman's sanction and that she was being held and sexually abused.

Two days aft that incident, different enactment was discovered wrong a edifice bathroom. This time, the enactment work that the pistillate had been held hostage since May 1 and asked officers to not springiness up connected their hunt for her, according to WTAE-TV.

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During their investigation, constabulary spotted the unfortunate with the suspect, identified arsenic 38-year-old Corey Brewer, successful the resort. On Tuesday, July 13, the pistillate was yet recovered and rescued astatine Brewer's house.

Neighbors astir the country said they were shocked this was going connected astir them.

"[It's] unsettling, precise unsettling." a neighbour said. "At slightest she cried retired and got idiosyncratic to help."

Brewer was taken into custody. The pistillate suffered cuts and bruises and had patches of hairsbreadth chopped out, but she is expected to survive.

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