Woman followed from bank before suspect snatches purse in parking lot, police say

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Houston Police Department's Robbery Division is asking for the public's assistance successful identifying the men liable for allegedly pursuing a pistillate from a slope lone to snatch her purse astatine a 2nd location.

It happened connected April 16 successful the 6300 artifact of Westheimer Road, according to police.

The unfortunate said her archetypal halt was astatine a slope successful in the 8300 artifact of Westheimer. She told constabulary she believes the men followed her from there.

The woman's car camera was capable to seizure the video supra of the suspects pursuing her from the bank.

The unfortunate past arrived astatine the parking batch of her 2nd stop, wherever the transgression was committed.

She was astir to exit her conveyance erstwhile she noticed 1 of the men attack the rider broadside of her vehicle. That's erstwhile the fishy broke done the window, reached wrong and grabbed her purse.

Reacting quickly, the pistillate got a clasp of her purse and a conflict betwixt the 2 began.

The fishy unluckily overpowered her and took disconnected with her purse. The men drove disconnected successful a achromatic four-door Cadillac with insubstantial plates.

The unfortunate told constabulary the fishy liable for the purse-snatching is simply a Black antheral who was past seen wearing a grey hoodie, grey pants and either achromatic oregon grey shoes.

If you cognize immoderate accusation regarding the transgression oregon who the suspects whitethorn be, you are urged to interaction Crime Stoppers astatine 713-222-TIPS. Information starring to the charging and/or apprehension of the suspects whitethorn effect successful a outgo up to $5,000.

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