Woman accused of running over and killing service dog then assaulting its owner

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A pistillate has been arrested aft constabulary accidental she deed and killed a canine successful the Fontaine vicinity successful northeast Houston and past assaulted its proprietor portion trying to get away.

In exclusive surveillance video obtained by ABC13 connected Tuesday, a reddish car tin beryllium seen speeding down Bretshire Drive earlier the operator loses power and crashes done a obstruction into a family's driveway.

In the video, tires tin beryllium heard screeching and a canine whaling.

Tericia Blount and her household rushed extracurricular to find that her work dog, Luna, had been hit.

"Just watching your dog's tegument pulled backmost and looking astatine her spine being severed, and she's conscionable sitting determination looking astatine maine begging for help," said Blount arsenic she fell to tears.

Blount said what made matters worse was that the driver, who constabulary person identified arsenic Delilah Hardy, tried to get distant from the country and successful the process assaulted her.

"My girl distracted her truthful I could get the keys and erstwhile I did, she knocked maine down and she deed and maine and kept biting astatine me," said Blount.

All the while, her beloved work canine was slipping away.

"So my girl is sitting determination holding her, and we're conscionable sitting there," recalled Blount. "The gross meant nothing. The car meant nothing. All we could bash is conscionable look astatine her due to the fact that that's our family."

The Blount household feels arsenic though this is thing that could person been prevented if determination were velocity bumps connected Bretshire Drive and surrounding streets. It's an country wherever neighbors kick astir perpetually seeing cars velocity down the streets.

"We request velocity bumps. People travel down present speeding implicit 60 and 70 miles per hour, each day," said Blount.

Blount said she has written to the metropolis connected a fig of occasions requesting that velocity bumps beryllium placed successful the area.

Eyewitness News has reached retired to the metropolis arsenic good arsenic Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia.

In an emailed effect from the metropolis of Houston, a spokesperson says they are looking into the matter.

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