Why NASA has high hopes for the future of space travel

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- When Blue Origin completed its archetypal formation to the borderline of abstraction connected Tuesday, NASA officials celebrated.

"I deliberation we are going to look backmost connected these past mates of years, 2020 and 2021, arsenic a existent inflection constituent for quality abstraction transportation," said Phil McAlister, NASA's manager of commercialized spaceflight.

NASA nary longer has a shuttle program.

Experts astatine NASA provided guidance for the Blue Origin team, but the rocket and its motorboat were privately funded and executed.

"If you deliberation astir it, successful the United States, we started flying radical to abstraction successful the aboriginal 1960s," said McAlister. "It's 60 years later, and we person flown little than 600 radical successful that clip frame. The immense bulk of them, astir apt implicit 95%, were authorities astronauts. In the adjacent 60 years, you're going to spot a immense summation successful the fig of radical that are going to fly, and you'll spot that percent flip to 95% non-government people."

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NASA was besides a customer.

The Blue Origin rocket carried experiments that volition bring backmost invaluable information for NASA.

"Otherwise, we person to spell each the mode to the International Space Station," McAlister said. "That's a truly large platform, but it's hard to get connected the abstraction station, it's expensive, and it takes a agelong clip to get your payload back. These suborbital payloads, if you lone request a mates of minutes of microgravity, it's a truly cleanable benignant of level for immoderate of our scientists and researchers."

This was Blue Origin's archetypal formation with radical connected committee aft 15 trial flights. Jeff Bezos blasted into abstraction with a hand-picked radical that included his younger brother, an 18-year-old from the Netherlands and an 82-year-old aviation pioneer from Texas.

They're the youngest and oldest to ever hurtle disconnected the planet. Their capsule landed 10 minutes aboriginal connected the godforsaken level successful westbound Texas.

Named aft America's archetypal astronaut, the New Shepard rocket soared connected the 52nd day of the Apollo 11 satellite landing.

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