Wanted murder suspect takes off after chase ends in crash on Hardy Toll Road

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A pursuit done northbound Harris County ended with a high-speed clang Tuesday afternoon.

Harris County Sheriff's deputies were pursuing the driver, who slammed into different vehicles connected the Hardy Toll Road conscionable northbound of the North Loop. The operator tried to compression a bluish Kia betwixt 2 different cars, and ended up hitting some of them.

SEE: Moment of interaction arsenic fishy tried to manuever betwixt vehicles

The operator and a rider some took disconnected connected foot, but they were taken into custody successful abbreviated order. One was captured connected the Hardy Toll Road itself. But the different antheral jumped from the roadworthy into a wooded area. Deputies followed suit, chasing the fishy astir homes successful the vicinity earlier yet catching up to him and arresting him without further incident.

One of the suspects arrested was reportedly wanted connected a execution complaint retired of South Carolina.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office confirmed the pursuit started astatine astir 3 p.m. and lasted astir 15 minutes.

EXCLUSIVE: See the afloat pursuit and clang arsenic captured by SkyEye

No 1 was injured successful the different cars that were hit, officials say.

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