Volunteer Dies After a Sheep Charges at Her on a Therapy Farm

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U.S.|Volunteer Dies After a Sheep Charges astatine Her connected a Therapy Farm


Kim Taylor, 73, went into cardiac apprehension aft being attacked portion caring for livestock astatine a Massachusetts farm, the constabulary said.

Kim Taylor, a retired nurse, was a unpaid  for 14 months at Cultivate Care Farms successful  Bolton, Mass., westbound  of Boston.
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Dec. 6, 2021, 10:09 p.m. ET

A 73-year-old unpaid died connected Saturday aft she was repeatedly rammed by a sheep portion moving astatine a Massachusetts workplace that uses animals successful intelligence wellness therapy, the authorities said.

The volunteer, Kim Taylor, who worked astatine Cultivate Care Farms successful Bolton, astir 40 miles westbound of Boston, had been caring for livestock successful a pen unsocial erstwhile the carnal charged astatine her, Warren Nelson, the main of police, said successful a statement.

Ms. Taylor suffered superior injuries and went into cardiac apprehension soon aft the Bolton constabulary and exigency aesculapian workers arrived, the constabulary said. She was taken to a adjacent hospital, wherever she was pronounced dead, they said.

The onslaught occurred astatine astir 8:30 a.m. during a unpaid displacement but nary witnesses were present, according to a connection from the farm. It described Ms. Taylor arsenic a “treasured volunteer.”

“Kim was beloved by each who worked with her during the 14 months she volunteered astatine the farm,” Megan Moran, the manager of Cultivate Care Farms, said successful the statement.

On its website, the institution states that it is committed to improving the lives of children done “farm-based therapy,” describing itself arsenic a pioneer successful the model, which it hopes to found arsenic a signifier of intelligence wellness attraction comparable to different models similar cognitive behavioral therapy.

“Cultivate Care Farms strives to make a safe, supportive and inclusive abstraction to beforehand wellness for each radical and to diminish barriers created by intelligence wellness stigma,” the website states.



In its statement, the institution said that it is moving with investigators portion the decease is being reviewed, and that it has nary much details. The authorities and the workplace did not merchandise immoderate much accusation astir the animal. Male sheep, known arsenic rams, tin occasionally behave aggressively, researchers say, but fatal attacks connected humans are highly rare.

A connection near for the city’s carnal power services was referred to the constabulary chief. The constabulary said that the unit astatine Cultivate Care Farms was moving with carnal power officials to find “the aboriginal result of the sheep.”

Ms. Taylor’s daughters, Candice and Samantha Denby, said successful a connection that Ms. Taylor, of Wellesley, Mass., was a large parent and grandma and “a immense carnal lover.”

“She recovered joyousness successful her play volunteering astatine Cultivate Care Farms,” they said. “This mishap was tragic and we are truthful precise sad.”

Ms. Taylor was a caregiver for much than 30 years and precocious retired. She worked successful the captious attraction portion astatine St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center successful Brighton, Mass., the connection continued.

“She was an avid knitter, navigator and Red Sox fan,” it said. “She greeted others portion walking her dogs and ever recovered joyousness connected these outdoor walks.”

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