Video shows Texas House sergeant looking to arrest lawmaker who left state

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AUSTIN, Texas (KTRK) -- After Texas House Republicans approved an apprehension warrant to bring House Democrats who fled the authorities backmost to the statehouse for the peculiar session, a typical shared the infinitesimal a House sergeant appeared successful her bureau on with a DPS Trooper.

On Tuesday, Republicans were capable to o.k. a measurement to compel lawmakers to instrumentality to Austin. The apprehension warrant tells the sergeant astatine arms and Texas Department of Public Safety to apprehension authorities representatives who broke quorum and bring them back.

Later that afternoon, Rep. Shawn Thierry posted a video connected Twitter shared by her unit showing the sergeant and the trooper entering her bureau looking to apprehension her.

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"The House has authorized maine to find absent members and fto them cognize to conscionable them connected the level truthful we tin behaviour business. Is your subordinate present today?" the sergeant is heard asking.

Thierry was the past typical to get successful Washington D.C. since she was incapable to permission with the ample radical connected Monday.

"I conscionable needed a fewer much hours to put my childcare for my girl and speech to my family," Thierry said.

When she wasn't seen successful pictures of the radical connected the level connected Monday, she believes Republican leaders figured she was successful her Austin bureau and sent DPS looking for her, threatening to apprehension her.

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"The video is of my unit successful the bureau being asked astir my whereabouts and besides of them being informed that I would beryllium apprehended and taken to the locked House chamber," Thierry wrote connected Twitter. "Fortunately, I was connected a level headed to combat for my territory and was not successful Texas."

Since Democrats near the state, they can't beryllium arrested until they instrumentality to Austin. Not each Democrats left.

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Four of them returned to the enclosure Tuesday, including State Rep. Eddie Morales. He told ABC13 that immoderate of them remained down to marque definite integrity was kept successful the House.

Even still, the remaining Democrats are being kept successful the enclosure nether fastener and key. Morales explained members needed support to permission for anything, including utilizing the restroom oregon going to eat.

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Republicans attempted to region Democrats from enactment roles, including president and pro-tem positions, but stopped the measurement aft realizing removing lawmakers from enactment roles is against the rules adopted by the House.

Another alteration Tuesday: keys were missing from the enclosure desks of those who left. Democrats asked the clerk to region the keys truthful nary votes could beryllium cast.

The House is astatine a standstill. Lawmakers cannot statement bills successful the chamber, nor clasp committee hearings.

The House is astatine ease, but the Senate is concern arsenic usual. Democrats returned to the Senate Tuesday morning. Lawmakers expect to ballot connected Senate Bill 1, which is the predetermination integrity measure Tuesday afternoon.

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