Video shows Tennessee man shooing Gatlinburg bear from car

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GATLINBURG, Tenn. -- A Tennessee antheral connected abrogation with friends successful Gatlinburg shooed a achromatic carnivore from his car earlier this month, aft it broke into the conveyance and caused important damage.

Joseph Deel, who tin beryllium seen successful the July 10 footage opening the car door, told Storyful the furry invader aboriginal returned with different bear.

"She attempted to get backmost wrong my car," Deel said. "I went backmost extracurricular and yelled astatine the carnivore and threw things astatine her. The 2 bears past proceeded to permission the car and moved to the backyard of the compartment we were staying (in)."

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While the bears soon near with nary trouble, the harm caused to Deel's car caused it to interruption down portion driving backmost to his location successful Johnson City, Tennessee.

"I had to wantonness the car," helium said. "Insurance took 2 days to get a tow motortruck to my car. In that clip looters broke into my car via a backmost model and stole my catalytic converter, battery, and exhaust manifold. Insurance chopped my car arsenic a nonaccomplishment and totaled it."

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