US Olympic marathoner Aliphine Tuliamuk pushes to bring breastfeeding baby to Tokyo Games

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U.S. Olympic marathoner Aliphine Tuliamuk said she ne'er expected to beryllium a caller ma competing successful the Olympics, and she besides ne'er expected to person to interest astir whether she would beryllium allowed to bring her babe girl to the Olympics.

The coronavirus pandemic changed some of those things for Tuliamuk, who won the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials successful February 2020.

When the Tokyo Olympics were postponed successful 2020 owed to the pandemic, Tuliamuk and her fiancé, Tim Gannon, decided to usage the clip disconnected from competing to person a child.

Tuliamuk, 32, gave commencement to their daughter, Zoe, successful January.

"I've ever wanted to beryllium a ma and I've besides wanted to go an Olympian and vie astatine the highest level of our sport," Tuliamuk told "Good Morning America." "I ne'er thought I was going to beryllium astatine the Olympics arsenic a caller mom."

"That would not person happened until 2020 happened," she said.

Tuliamuk began grooming again successful March, 2 months aft Zoe was born.

For the adjacent respective months she kept grooming with a absorption of competing successful Tokyo with Gannon and their girl by her side.

Tuliamuk's travel to the Olympics took a detour earlier this summertime erstwhile she learned that, owed to COVID-19-related restrictions, athletes' household members would not beryllium capable to articulation them successful Tokyo, including Zoe. The regularisation enactment an intolerable load connected Tuliamuk, who is inactive breastfeeding Zoe.

"When they enactment restrictions successful and sent america an email that she wasn't going to beryllium capable to come, I was truly devastated," she said. "What bash they expect america to do? I can't conscionable permission my breastfeeding kid behind."

Tuliamuk spoke retired publically against the regularisation and besides sent a missive to the caput of the International Olympic Committee.

Earlier this month, the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee reversed people and said nursing mothers should beryllium allowed to bring their children with them to the games.

"After cautious information of the unsocial concern facing athletes with nursing children, we are pleased to corroborate that, erstwhile necessary, nursing children volition beryllium capable to travel athletes to Japan," the committee said successful a connection obtained by ABC News.

The wording of the argumentation inactive drew disapproval from some, with Olympic moms specified arsenic U.S. shot prima Alex Morgan pointing retired that it is ever "necessary" for mothers to beryllium with their nursing children.

Olympic officials past week said a authorities of exigency had been declared successful Tokyo owed to COVID-19 and spectators would not beryllium allowed successful venues to ticker the games successful the city's caller stadiums.

Less than 2 weeks earlier she is acceptable to question to Japan, Tuliamuk confirmed she volition beryllium capable to bring Zoe with her to the Olympics. Also traveling with them volition beryllium Gannon, who is permitted to travel Tuliamuk to the Olympics arsenic her idiosyncratic coach.

The Tokyo Olympics volition statesman July 23. The women's marathon is scheduled to beryllium held successful Sapporo connected Aug. 7, the time earlier the closing ceremony.

"I'm conscionable afloat of gratitude," she told "GMA." "I cannot hold to spell to Sapporo and person an astonishing contention and contention for myself, contention for my teammates and my sponsors, my household and my daughter."

Tuliamuk said she was inspired to talk retired and combat for Zoe to articulation her due to the fact that she said she knows that "mom athletes tin vie astatine the highest level of sport."

"If we privation to enactment pistillate athletes, portion of being a pistillate jock is besides having a household and if you privation to enactment maine arsenic a implicit athlete, you should beryllium capable to marque country for my family. You should beryllium capable to marque country for maine if I determine to person a family," said Tuliamuk. "You can't conscionable speech astir supporting women and past not really enactment them."

She said she has besides recovered inspiration from Allyson Felix, Kara Goucher and Alysia Montaño, 3 pistillate way and tract athletes who alleged successful 2019 that they were penalized by Nike for being pregnant.

Shortly aft they spoke out, Nike announced plans to bash much to support pistillate athletes' wage during and aft pregnancy.

"We've seen implicit and implicit that erstwhile radical usage their voices, they present change," said Tuliamuk, adding that her sponsor, Hoko, has supported her arsenic a mom. "If Allyson Felix and Kara Goucher and Alysia Montaño hadn't spoken out, I don't cognize however I would person been treated."

"I consciousness precise fortunate due to the fact that of what women earlier maine person done," she said.

Tuliamuk said she besides hopes that by speaking retired she is helping to make much adjacent opportunities for aboriginal generations of girls, including Zoe.

"I privation to marque definite my girl understands that this satellite is not casual but that does not mean that you springiness up. It means that you treble down and you enactment very, precise hard and you prehend each accidental that you get," she said. "That's however you execute your goals."

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