Unsolved: Evidence Doesn't Talk

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Surveillance is beingness today. Doorbell cameras, convenience store information tape, postulation airy cameras. We cognize we're tracked. We're utilized to it and frankly, we expect it.

Those cameras are expected to marque america consciousness harmless and erstwhile unsafe things happen, that video tin spell viral. It tin seizure state presumption robberies, weapon store heists, car break-ins.

Surveillance video has go truthful normalized, bash the astir unsafe criminals adjacent attraction astir getting caught connected camera?

When Donna Brown was murdered connected the land metropolis of Galveston, Texas, her alleged slayer was seen connected video walking distant from the scene. However, contempt the surveillance, the slayer is inactive retired there.

Studies amusement cameras assistance a small erstwhile it comes to solving spot crimes, but they're astir nary assistance solving convulsive crimes.

That's besides the communicative of the Reyes family. The mates was changeable to decease arsenic cameras caught the barrage of gunfire. Still, the video hasn't helped way down the killers.

If surveillance video is the champion grounds successful a acold case, is determination anticipation it tin get solved? Or volition the cases spell unsolved forever?

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