UHD breaks barriers with first-ever all-female Student Government Association leadership team

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- University of Houston-Downtown is breaking barriers with its recently elected all-female Student Government Association enactment team.

SGA President Shamika Jefferson and Vice President Michelle Duvall were inaugurated during a luncheon wherever they besides met UHD President Loren J. Blanchard.

Jefferson is simply a Master of Business Administration student, and Duvall is pursing a Bachelor of Arts successful Communication Studies.

Both women accidental their absorption is connected assemblage relations, equality, safety, pupil resources and fiscal literacy for each students.

"Their passion, professionalism and progressive ideas for our University are astir impressive, arsenic is the information that each of these pupil leaders is simply a pistillate of color-a beardown objection of the advancement and committedness afforded by some UHD and our state to supply accidental for all," Blanchard said.

Jefferson and Duvall are 2 of the 9 full women of colour who marque up the SGA officers inducted. The different students are Secretary Sandra Roara, Assistant to the President Xiomara Herrera, Director of Treasury Jacqueline Clark, Director of Marketing & Public Relations Courtney Hall, Director of Community Outreach Kaniesha Williams, Director of External Affairs Kassandra Aparicio and Director of Student Engagement Leboriah Chavez.

"All of these officers bring antithetic perspectives to the Student Government Association," Jefferson said. "I tin larn thing from each of them. They each person their ain story, bring their experiences to the array and efficaciously correspond our pupil body."

"It's precise powerful," Duvall added. "UHD has a precise divers pupil body. Having a Student Government Association to bespeak that is amazing. At the extremity of the day, however, we're present for ALL students nary substance what colour you are oregon wherever you travel from."

According to a property merchandise from UHD, Jefferson and Duvall did not cognize each different earlier moving arsenic officers together. The brace shared akin journeys earlier arriving astatine UHD arsenic they are some parents.

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