Twitter temporarily suspends Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for vaccine misinformation

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Twitter connected Monday evening temporarily suspended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene aft she shared misinformation astir COVID-19 and vaccines, a institution spokesperson told CNN.

The Georgia Republican, who has a way grounds of incendiary rhetoric, was not beryllium capable to tweet for 12 hours owed to Twitter's argumentation against radical who repeatedly stock misinformation.

The societal media level had labeled 2 tweets from Greene arsenic "misleading" successful caller days. If she continues to stock misinformation astir COVID-19 done her Twitter account, Greene could beryllium suspended from the level permanently.

The impermanent suspension comes arsenic the White House has struck a confrontational posture with societal media platforms implicit the prevalence of misleading claims astir coronavirus vaccines arsenic cases tick up nationwide.

"I americium urging each Americans to assistance dilatory the dispersed of wellness misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond," U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy wrote successful a 22-page advisory released past week. "Health misinformation is simply a superior menace to nationalist health. It tin origin confusion, sow mistrust, harm people's health, and undermine nationalist wellness efforts. Limiting the dispersed of wellness misinformation is simply a motivation and civic imperative that volition necessitate a whole-of-society effort."

President Joe Biden has specifically called retired Facebook implicit the dissemination of COVID-19 vaccine information, but helium backed disconnected his caller accusation that the institution was straight liable for "killing people" and suggested it was simply allowing misinformation to spread.

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"My anticipation is that Facebook, alternatively of taking it personally, that someway I'm saying Facebook is sidesplitting people, that they would bash thing astir the misinformation, the outrageous misinformation astir the vaccine. That's what I meant," the President said Monday pursuing a code astatine the White House astir the authorities of the economy.

Greene had received a 12-hour suspension from Twitter earlier this twelvemonth pursuing a conspiracy-laden thread astir the Georgia Senate elections. Some of those tweets earned labels from Twitter noting: "This assertion astir predetermination fraud is disputed, and this Tweet can't beryllium replied to, Retweeted, oregon liked owed to a hazard of violence."

The Georgia Republican has tried to marque a sanction for herself being an outsider and a rabble-rouser and routinely uses parliamentary procedures to dilatory down House level business, overmuch to the dismay of her colleagues.
But the tactics person helped her triumph enactment connected the acold right. In April, her run announced she had raised $3.2 cardinal successful the archetypal 3 months successful bureau -- an astonishing magnitude for a freshman member.

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