Trae tha Truth's 'Howdy Homemade Ice Cream' opens today in Katy, employing adults with special needs

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A caller crystal pick store is opening contiguous successful Katy, and it volition assistance enactment radical with peculiar needs.

Howdy Homemade Ice Cream is located astatine 20920 Katy Freeway adjacent Westgreen.

The store franchise is owned and tally by Houston rapper, activistic and philanthropist Trae tha Truth and his concern spouse Roderick Batson.

The concern gives jobs to young adults with peculiar needs, offering them an accidental to enactment and beryllium supported.

The store posted photos of their staff, saying they're acceptable for today's expansive opening.

Howdy Homemade opens astatine noon Thursday and closes astatine 9 p.m.

The store opening is the kickoff lawsuit of Trae's yearly "TraeDay Weekend." This year's lineup includes different events similar a assistance giveaway, a Welcome to Houston concert, a Habitat for Humanity task and more!

"We anticipation to alteration the mode the satellite looks astatine everyone," Trae wrote connected Instagram erstwhile helium announced the concern opening. "The ngo is to animate and bless others with our blessings."

Trae has been unfastened astir raising a lad with peculiar needs, D'Neeko.

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He explained successful a podcast that D'Neeko, who volition soon crook 18, was calved with a cleft palate and a chromosome 13 abnormality, requiring aggregate surgeries and procedures.

Trae said that helium and his son's parent recovered retired erstwhile the kid was born.

"Instantly my earthy absorption was conscionable to clasp him adjacent and conscionable support him," Trae said.

Last week, Trae and his squad delivered 2,000 pints of crystal pick from Howdy Homemade to prisoners astatine Harris County Jail.

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