'Tox-doc' says guest exposed to chemical spill at Splashtown may feel symptoms later this weekend

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SPRING, Texas (KTRK) -- Were you 1 of the visitors who didn't spell to the infirmary aft being astatine Hurricane Harbor Splashtown?

A Houston toxicologist said you whitethorn inactive consciousness symptoms from Saturday's chemic vulnerability successful the coming days.

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According to the Harris County Fire Marshal, a hypochlorite solution and 35% sulfuric acerb were recovered successful the kiddie excavation area.

"Both of these are conscionable your average, each time concern spot excavation cleaners," explained Toxicologist Dr. Noreen Khan-Mayberry.

Khan-Mayberry added that those cleaners tin some beryllium unsafe astatine precocious concentrations.

She said immoderate symptoms, similar scratchy throats oregon burning tegument sensations, volition beryllium noticeable close away.

But, immoderate radical whitethorn not consciousness thing antithetic until days later.

"If the kid is having a burning throat, a tummy ache, crisp cramps, diarrhea, and you cognize they were successful this pool, you decidedly privation to travel up with their pediatrician," she explained.

The aforesaid goes for rashes oregon tegument conditions.

"Sometimes we chalk these symptoms up to nothing, particularly erstwhile you're talking astir gastrointestinal problems," Khan-Mayberry said. "You conscionable wouldn't expect that from a pool."

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