Tokyo Olympic Village sees first COVID-19 case, individual quarantined

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TOKYO -- An unidentified overseas visitant has tested affirmative for Covid-19 astatine the Tokyo Olympics athletes' village, organizers said connected Saturday -- the archetypal specified lawsuit amid concerns the Games could go a super-spreader event.

Speaking astatine a quality conference, Tokyo 2020 CEO Toshiro Muto confirmed a non-resident of Japan who is progressive successful organizing the Games had tested positive, adding that the idiosyncratic has been taken into quarantine extracurricular of the village. He would not uncover the person's nationality, citing privateness concerns.

There person present been a full of 45 Covid-19 cases linked to the Games, with athletes, officials and contractors investigating affirmative for the virus. Athletes are conscionable starting to get for the Games, which tally July 23 done August 8.

The embattled Games person been marred by controversy, with Japan struggling to rein successful its Covid outbreak up of the opening ceremonial connected Friday and arsenic critics proceed to question whether it is harmless for them to spell ahead.

Organizers already decided successful March to prohibition overseas fans from the stands, but this period the Japanese Olympic Committee said Tokyo venues volition not person spectators owed to the city's coronavirus authorities of exigency -- an unprecedented move, according to an International Olympic Committee (IOC) spokesman.

Some athletes person pulled retired of the games altogether, including Australian tennis prima Nick Kyrgios and Australian hoops subordinate Liz Cambage. Thousands of Tokyo Olympic volunteers person besides quit.

Japan's nationalist has been lukewarm astir the Games amid a resurgence successful caller infections and worries that an influx of overseas visitors whitethorn assistance crook the Olympics into a super-spreader event, which successful crook could enactment further strain connected Japan's already stretched aesculapian system.

More than 11,000 athletes from 205 nationalist Olympic committees are scheduled to vie successful the Games. Around 85% volition person been vaccinated against Covid-19, according to the IOC.

Japan has lagged down Western countries successful rolling retired its vaccination drive. Only 20% of its colonisation are afloat vaccinated, compared to 48% successful the United States and much than 52% successful the UK, according to CNN's planetary vaccine tracker.

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