Tips on Hurricane Evacuation Planning from Houston-Galveston Area Council

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Hurricanes are a large menace to the Houston-Galveston region. Depending connected the severity of the storm, it whitethorn go indispensable to evacuate portions of the Houston-Galveston region. Planning up is captious to making definite you tin evacuate rapidly and safely. Coastal residents tin instrumentality steps to hole for an evacuation present by becoming acquainted with their evacuation portion and the evacuation routes successful their community

Evacuation Planning Tips

Hurricanes bring galore hazards to coastal and inland areas, specified arsenic tempest surge, inland flooding, and beardown winds. Understand what types of hazards could hap wherever you unrecorded and make a program connected however to hole for them. Make definite everyone successful your household understands your hurricane plan. Also, make a program for your spot of work, children's daycare, adjacent relatives surviving successful a nursing location oregon assisted surviving facility, and immoderate spot you predominant often.

Know Your Zone
Below is simply a elaborate zip codification representation to find your hurricane evacuation zip portion and measure your evacuation plans. You tin besides click here to find elaborate evacuation routes.

How to Use Zip Zone and Evacuation Route Maps
It is important to cognize your evacuation zip portion and the disposable hurricane evacuation routes adjacent you up of clip truthful that you and your household tin evacuate rapidly and safely erstwhile necessary. Hurricane evacuations are staggered to forestall road congestion and let for quicker, safer question of people. If an evacuation becomes necessary, orders volition beryllium issued by zip zone.

Build a Kit
Create an exigency proviso kit with indispensable supplies you'll request to instrumentality with you if you request to evacuate. If you're not definite wherever to start, cheque retired this exigency essentials checklist from Harris County, which includes indispensable items to support against COVID-19. Shop aboriginal and springiness yourself much clip to bargain exigency supplies. Have refills for prescriptions and different aesculapian supplies your household uses connected a regular basis. If you person pets, see successful your kit basal endurance items, medications, and items to support your pets happy. Visit for much accusation astir preparing pets for a earthy disaster.

Need much resources for Hurricane Preparedness?
See beneath for much resources from Houston-Galveston Area Council and our assemblage partners connected however to hole for hurricane play successful Texas

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