This Vespa Riding Duo Will Make You Turn Your Head

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Patrick Nagle, Anthony Miracola, Christian Todd

Durham, NC -- There's a caller duo turning heads connected the streets of Durham. David Cunningham and his 15-month-old Collie, Ms. Betty White volition marque you look doubly arsenic they walk you by. Whether it is simply a time of errands to tally oregon conscionable to spell retired and person a small fun, Ms. Betty White joins David each time for a cruise. Last year, during Covid, David had temporarily mislaid his occupation and needed to header with his accent and anxiety. Enter the ESA dog, Ms. Betty White. The 2 person been champion friends ever since and she perfectly loves her clip spent zooming down the streets of Durham. David says she has brought him retired of his ammunition and loves to amusement her disconnected for pictures.

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