Theresa Balboa appears in court for first time since capital murder charge in 5-year-old's death

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Theresa Balboa entered a courtroom Monday without practice and near it without a enslaved magnitude for her superior execution complaint successful the decease of 5-year-old Samuel Olson.

Balboa is the ex-girlfriend of Samuel's father, Dalton Olson.

Inside a courtroom, a justice recovered probable origin to complaint Balboa with the superior execution charge.

Andrea Beall, the authoritative who appeared connected behalf of the Harris County District Attorney's Office, said the adjacent measurement is for the lawsuit to spell to a expansive jury, which tin instrumentality up to 90 days. The expansive assemblage volition beryllium tasked to marque a determination connected probable cause.

Beall added District Attorney Kim Ogg volition besides marque determination connected whether to prosecute the decease penalty.

According to Beall, they determined the superior execution complaint for Balboa based connected forensic grounds and compartment telephone records, arsenic good arsenic reviewing the grounds against statements made by Ben Rivera, Balboa's roommate who is besides charged with tampering with grounds successful the case.

"I'm assured we tin conscionable our load and get justness for Samuel," Beall said extracurricular the courtroom.

For her part, Balboa requested for a court-appointed nationalist defender.

This was Balboa's archetypal quality since her charge was upgraded past week. Like Rivera, she had already been charged with tampering with evidence.

Samuel's parent inactive believes boy's begetter is astatine fault

In the aftermath of the upgraded charge, Samuel's mother, Sarah Olson, told the media past Friday that she inactive has a batch of questions astir however this happened.

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Sarah specifically called retired her ex-husband Dalton, claiming helium inactive needs to reply questions.

"He was expected to support our lad safe, and helium didn't. He took him distant from me. For what? To person him murdered?" Sarah said. "Honestly, the idiosyncratic that I consciousness truly needs to beryllium charged is inactive walking astir and that's truly what I'm waiting for."

Police person fixed nary denotation that Dalton is progressive successful the killing.

In total, 3 radical person been charged successful the lawsuit -- Balboa, Rivera, and a person who constabulary accidental drove her to Jasper to fell Sam's body.

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The aesculapian examiner determined that Samuel died from homicidal unit with blunt trauma to the head.

Charging documents for Balboa allege that she struck him but bash not accidental with what. On June 24, the pb authoritative told ABC13 that they recovered the limb that whitethorn person been utilized to termination the child.

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