The Top 10 Xbox Series X Games

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So you got your hands connected an Xbox Series X? Congratulations! As you've astir apt noticed by now, the hardware allows for lightning accelerated gaming erstwhile compared to erstwhile generations, and the Quick Resume diagnostic that allows you to seamlessly alteration games is, well, a game-changer. While the diagnostic acceptable of the Xbox Series X is awesome (not to notation its stellar backward compatibility library), you astir apt privation immoderate games to play connected that beast of a console.

The squad astatine Game Informer worked unneurotic to compile a database of the 10 games we deliberation are the champion connected Xbox Series X/S. As much games travel out, we'll update this database with the latest releases that we consciousness merit to ace the apical 10.

Please enactment that portion the database beneath contains 10 entries, we aren’t ranking them. If a crippled has made it this acold (and managed to enactment here), it’s a must-play, period. As such, we’ll beryllium listing entries in reverse chronological order. Also, with aboriginal updates, you’ll find a rundown of erstwhile entries astatine the bottommost of the list. While those titles person gotten bumped implicit time, they are inactive each large games successful their ain close and worthy exploring if you’re already caught up connected the latest hits.

Here are Game Informer’s picks for the apical 10 games connected Xbox Series X/S:

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