Texas, Oklahoma reportedly reach out to SEC about joining

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ARLINGTON, Texas -- The past clip Texas got a wandering oculus for alternate league affiliations it fueled a bid of realignment successful assemblage sports that astir killed the Big 12.

A study that Texas could erstwhile again beryllium exploring escaped bureau ended up stealing the headlines astatine the Southeastern Conference media days and cranked up speculation astir different circular of league shuffling.

The Houston Chronicle reported Wednesday, citing a root it did not identify, that Big 12 powers Texas and Oklahoma person reached retired to the SEC astir perchance joining the league.

The paper cited a "high-ranking authoritative with cognition of the situation" and said an announcement could travel successful the adjacent mates of weeks. Adding 2 members would springiness the powerhouse SEC 16 teams, the largest successful large assemblage football.

Questions astir the study were greeted by a bid of nary comments from the superior parties involved, but nary denials.

"I'm talking astir the 2021 season," Sankey said arsenic Day 3 of the SEC's four-day shot talk-fest successful Hoover, Alabama, coiled down.

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby, whose 10-member league would endure a large stroke with specified defections, did not instrumentality messages from AP seeking comment.

"The assemblage athletics scenery is shifting constantly," Oklahoma said successful a statement. "We don't code each anonymous rumor."

A Texas connection offered a akin response: "Speculation ever swirls astir collegiate athletics. We volition not code rumors oregon speculation."

Any determination to permission the Big 12 would beryllium analyzable by an statement its schools made aft the past circular of realignment to manus their media rights implicit to league done their existent tv deals. The assistance of rights lines up with the Big 12's contracts with Fox and ESPN and runs done the 2024-25 schoolhouse year.

Back successful 2010, the past Pac-10 - led by caller commissioner Larry Scott - tried to woo Texas and 5 different Big 12 schools into the West Coast-based league to signifier a Pac-16.

That failed.

Texas stayed enactment and alternatively started its ain tv network. After different flirtation betwixt Texas, Oklahoma and Scott, Texas A&M bolted for the SEC successful 2012 and Missouri followed the Aggies.

The Big 12, which had already mislaid Nebraska to Big Ten and Colorado to the present Pac-12, managed to bent connected by inviting TCU and West Virginia.

College sports was turned upside down for astir 3 years arsenic conferences jockeyed to fortify themselves and schools scrambled to not beryllium near out.

The Big East was poached close retired of the large assemblage shot concern earlier yet reconstituting arsenic the American Athletic Conference.

Life without Texas and Oklahoma would beryllium uncertain - astatine champion -- for the different schools successful the Big 12.

Even an unconfirmed report, prompted an assertive effect from Oklahoma State connected Wednesday.

"If true, we would beryllium gravely disappointed," the Cowboys' connection said. "While we spot a premium connected history, loyalty and trust, beryllium assured, we volition aggressively support and beforehand what is champion for Oklahoma State and our beardown diversion program, which continues to excel successful the Big 12 and nationally."

Texas A&M diversion manager Ross Bjork was adamant astir not wanting the Longhorns to articulation the SEC.

"We privation to beryllium the lone SEC programme successful the authorities of Texas," Bjork told reporters successful Hoover. "There's a crushed wherefore Texas A&M near the Big 12, to beryllium standalone, to person our ain identity. And that's our feeling."

SEC bylaws necessitate astatine slightest three-fourths (12) of the members to ballot successful favour of extending an invitation to join.

The specified anticipation of adding Texas and Oklahoma to what is already the strongest shot league successful the state has to gully the attraction of the different Power Five conferences. Especially arsenic the leaders of those leagues look to grow the College Football Playoff from 4 to 12 teams.

Oklahoma is the lone Big 12 squad to marque the playoff, doing truthful 4 times. The roadworthy to the CFP would beryllium tougher done the SEC but a bigger tract could supply much paths.

The SEC precocious signed a caller tv woody with ESPN that gives the cablegram TV sports elephantine each of its rights. It is unclear if adding Texas and Oklahoma would make an accidental for the SEC to summation the worth of those contracts for each its members and not conscionable supply capable to screen additions astatine the existent rate.

The SEC announced earlier this twelvemonth it distributed astir $45.5 cardinal each to its members. The Big 12 schools received astir $10 little from its conference.

When Texas A&M manager Jimbo Fisher was asked astir Texas and Oklahoma reportedly being funny successful the SEC during his league with the media successful Hoover, helium said: "I stake they would.""

"Listen, we've got the top league successful ball," Fisher said. "That's the choices they marque oregon what they do, I don't know, but I don't cognize however I consciousness astir it."

AP Sports Writer John Zenor successful Hoover, Alabama, contributed to this report.

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