Texas mom unexpectedly gives birth to baby in gas station bathroom

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A travel backmost location for a mates ended with a peculiar transportation implicit the weekend.

Sergio Mancera and Kaitlyn Fullerton archer ABC13 they were headed backmost location to Victoria from Houston erstwhile Kaitlyn said she felt the request to propulsion but conscionable thought it was Braxton hicks contractions oregon the impulse to spell the bathroom.

"We got further on the roadworthy and I felt similar I needed to commencement pushing, good I thought I needed to spell to the bathroom," she said.

Sergio pulled implicit to a state presumption successful Beasley, Texas and waited for Kaitlyn to spell usage the bathroom. But ne'er did either 1 of them ideate that Kaitlyn's speedy travel to the bath meant she would extremity up giving commencement to her 2nd baby.

"I kept connected feeling similar a h2o pressure.... due to the fact that whenever I stood up, my h2o broke," Kaitlyn explained.

It was past that she said she started feeling contractions and gave commencement close determination successful the bath stall.

WATCH: Mom delivers babe successful Texas state presumption bathroom

A fewer moments later, women successful the different stalls asked Kaitlyn if she was OK and were shocked by what they saw. Kaitlyn said she asked 1 of the women to spell get her hubby and pass him of what had happened.

"I was connected my telephone and 10 minutes later, a pistillate showed up and said, 'Hey, your woman conscionable gave birth,' and I was like, 'What! Really?'" Sergio said.

Not believing what helium heard, Sergio said helium grabbed their lad and ran to the bath and amazed to spot his woman with their baby.

"I couldn't judge it," helium said.

Kaitlyn and her babe were yet taken to Sugar Land infirmary for attraction and some are expected to beryllium OK.

The mates ended up posting a video connected TikTok, which has since gone viral and received millions of views.

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