Steve Bannon Gets Closer To Jail As The House Sends Criminal Contempt Referral To DOJ

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The House referred Steve Bannon to the DOJ for prosecution for transgression contempt due to the fact that helium defied a 1/6 Committee subpoena.

The House Refers Steve Bannon For Criminal Prosecution.

All of the House Democrats voted to notation Bannon for prosecution, and astatine slightest 8 Republicans voted to clasp Bannon successful transgression contempt.

Before the vote,  Rep. Liz Cheney called retired her ain party.

Video of Cheney:

Rep. Liz Cheney calls retired her chap House Republicans connected the floor, "My colleagues successful the Republican party, the Republican members of this body, person to understand, person to admit that determination is simply a infinitesimal erstwhile authorities indispensable stop."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 21, 2021

Before the ballot 1/6 Committee Vice-Chair Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) said:

My workfellow from Ohio, Mr. Jordan, who conscionable suggested that we were present due to the fact that we opposed president trump’s policies seems to person forgotten that actually on January 6, helium himself said, quote, what happened contiguous is wrong and is not what America is about. The adjacent time Mr. Jordan said, what happened Wednesday is a tragedy. Everyone knows it’s arsenic incorrect as wrong tin be. And today, madam speaker, the former president suggested that the unit was justified. 

My colleagues successful the Republican Party, the Republican members of this body, person to understand, have to admit that determination is a infinitesimal erstwhile authorities indispensable stop if we privation to support and protect our institutions. A convulsive battle connected the capitol to halt a law process of counting electoral votes is that moment. They each knew that connected that day. 

The US Attorney Is Now Legally Required To Convene A Grand Jury On Steve Bannon’s Criminal Contempt.

The DOJ can’t shelve the transgression referral of Steve Bannon. The US Attorney successful Washington, DC indispensable convene a expansive jury. It looks apt that if the expansive assemblage indicts Bannon, the DOJ volition prosecute.

It is imaginable that Steve Bannon blinks astatine the past infinitesimal earlier helium tin beryllium criminally indicted, convicted, and sent to jail, but Bannon is present a measurement person to being down bars, arsenic the 1/6 Committee has sent a beardown connection that they won’t beryllium defied.

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