Son arrested after argument leads to parent's stabbing death, HPD says

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A mates was stabbed to decease wrong of their ain location Tuesday nighttime successful northbound Houston, allegedly by their ain big son.

Nickie Costello, 35, has been arrested and charged with superior execution aft constabulary recovered his parents, David Morgan and Juanita Costello, dormant from aggregate stab wounds.

It happened conscionable aft 9 p.m. astatine a location connected East Tidwell adjacent Werner Street.

According to police, 911 dispatchers received a telephone astir the stabbing.

Authorities told ABC13 a household person was wrong erstwhile an statement started betwixt Nickie, David and Juanita. As it escalated, the witnesser ran and presumably called 911.

The SWAT squad was initially called due to the fact that officers thought Nickie was inactive wrong the house.

It was aboriginal determined helium near successful a car and crashed connected the I-45 feeder astatine Gulf Bank.

Nickie had injuries, but it's chartless if they were from the clang oregon the earlier fight.

He was taken into constabulary custody and remains astatine the hospital.

The location wherever the stabbing occurred is covered successful ads for psychic readings.

ABC13 has learned the proprietor of the location rented it to David and Juanita astir 2 years ago.

"I spoke to him connected Monday. He was sitting extracurricular and I stopped and helium waved and I talked to him briefly. That's the past I've seen of him," said the owner, describing the past clip helium heard from the husband.

According to the owner, who said his sanction is Mr. Dickerson and did not privation to beryllium connected camera, the hubby owned a overgarment and car assemblage institution and the woman was a psychic.

Dickerson said helium ne'er expected thing similar this to hap astatine his property.

"That amazed me, but you spot it connected TV and perceive astir it a lot," helium said.

The territory attorney's bureau is determining charges.

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