San Antonio Zoo to distribute COVID-19 vaccine to animals

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KTRK) -- Animals astatine the San Antonio Zoo are acceptable to soon person the COVID-19 vaccine conscionable similar people.

KENS reports carnal wellness institution Zoetis is providing the vaccines, which are uniquely made for animals.

According to Zoetis, 75% of emerging infectious diseases person an carnal origin, indicating determination is simply a captious transportation betwixt carnal and quality health.

Staff astatine the zoo accidental though they program connected vaccinating animals, they person nary had origin for interest of an outbreak.

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There is grounds that immoderate animals successful different locations person tested affirmative for the virus. The San Antonio Zoo volition archetypal vaccinate taxon known to beryllium much susceptible specified arsenic ample and mean feline species, lesser apes (gibbons), different primates, mongoose, monk, ferrets and otters.

The vaccine is administered to animals the aforesaid mode it is to humans, with 2 doses 3 weeks apart.

"We are excited to get and administer this vaccine arsenic we consciousness that it is of the utmost nationalist wellness value to vaccinate each susceptible animals to forestall immoderate accidental for illness oregon exposure," Hope Roth with the San Antonio Zoo told KENS.

The video supra is from a erstwhile report.

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