Safe snacks you can feed your pets from the Thanksgiving dinner table

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LOS ANGELES -- If you person a furry person astatine home, vets privation you to beryllium other alert of what you're feeding them from the meal array this vacation season.

According to Dr. Sehaj Grewal, a veterinarian astatine The Melrose Vet successful Los Angeles, it's OK to person your pets astir the meal table, but it's amended to support them successful an enclosed country to forestall a imaginable travel to the vet.

"It is common, unfortunately. But astir of the cases I person seen usually resoluteness with supportive care," Dr. Grewal said. "But truly atrocious cases person to beryllium hospitalized and beryllium connected an IV drip to support them hydrated."

Dr. Grewal said these are 5 harmless vacation ingredients that are OK to provender a feline oregon dog.

raw greenish beans
cooked and plain butternut squash
pumpkin puree (sugar free)
seedless sliced apples
skinless turkey (no bone)

Here are the 5 ingredients to debar feeding a pet:
mashed potatoes
bread dough
corn connected the cob

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