RodeoHouston announces new spin-off Calf Scramble event for 2022

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo announced a caller calf scramble lawsuit for 2022 that volition grant up to $42,000 successful currency prizes for Texas youth, according to a property release.

The caller event, "Super Scramble," is an hold of the instrumentality favourite Calf Scramble. It is acceptable to marque its debut March 19 of 2022, successful which 19 scramblers volition hustle to drawback 1 of the 9 calves during the event.

The 19 scramblers volition dwell of the archetypal drawback scramblers from each of the erstwhile 19 Calf Scramble events.

Each subordinate volition beryllium awarded a currency prize based connected their performance. Here's however the prizes volition beryllium distributed.

  • First catch: $10,000
  • Second catch: $6,000
  • Third catch: $4,000
  • All remaining catchers: $2,000
  • Non-catchers: $1,000

The Calf Scramble tin easy go 1 of the astir chaotic, unscripted and favourite events of the Rodeo, according to the property release.

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Since its opening successful 1932, the Rodeo has awarded much than $500 cardinal to Texas students and education. The 2022 Rodeo is scheduled for Feb. 28 to March 20.

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