Packers' running back says necklace with father's ashes lost in endzone was found

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GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (KTRK) -- A precise peculiar lawsuit of mislaid and recovered involving Green Bay Packers moving backmost Aaron Jones lit up societal media Tuesday morning.

Aaron, who grew up successful El Paso and played assemblage shot astatine the University of Texas astatine El Paso, mislaid a necklace with a shot pendant bearing the ashes of his precocious father, Alvin Jones Sr.

Alvin died of complications of COVID-19 successful April astatine property 57 aft being hospitalized for the illness, the El Paso Times reported.

Monday nighttime was Aaron's archetypal crippled backmost astatine Lambeau Field since his father's death, and besides marked the archetypal crippled that Alvin wouldn't spot his lad play.

According to an Instagram station from Aaron announcing his father's passing, his dada hadn't missed a crippled successful 9 years, and was ever successful the stands for pre-game lukewarm ups.

Aaron, 26, said he'd beryllium dedicating this NFL play to grant him, and during that primetime crippled versus the Detroit Lions, the Packers prima wore a necklace to grant his father.

Aaron had a banner night, scoring 4 touchdowns successful the 35-17 triumph implicit the Lions, but it was during 1 of those touchdowns successful the endzone that the necklace's pendant popped off, appearing to rotation onto the extremity line.

"He was truly connected my heart," Aaron told ESPN astir his begetter aft the game. "I really person a concatenation with a shot that his ashes are in. I scored and it fell disconnected successful the endzone, truthful I'll spell look for it, but I cognize he's happy. He'd beryllium like, 'If you suffer it anywhere, suffer it successful the endzone.'"

Hours aft the game, Packers caput diversion trainer Bryan Engel was spotted searching the endzone for the necklace, and definite enough, helium recovered it.

It’s astir 2 a.m. and idiosyncratic (I deliberation it’s caput trainer Bryan Engel, but my eyes aren’t large close now) conscionable came backmost retired to look for the necklace holding Aaron Jones’ father’s ashes that helium mislaid connected his 2nd TD drawback successful that portion of the extremity zone.

— Matt Schneidman (@mattschneidman) September 21, 2021

Aaron reported the bully quality aboriginal Tuesday.

"Found astatine 1:45 a.m. Thank you to our trainer Bryan "Flea" Engel. I'm everlastingly grateful," the moving backmost wrote connected Twitter.

On Monday night, 15 household members stood successful the stands, including Aaron's parent and his brother, Alvin Jr. Aaron says he'll ever beryllium looking for his dada successful the stands.

This wasn't the archetypal clip that Aaron has gone viral.

In 2018, portion connected the mode backmost to Wisconsin from El Paso, Jones helped a pistillate disconnected a flight, and past was captured successful a photograph pushing the pistillate successful a wheelchair to greet her daughter.

At the time, then-Packers manager Mike McCarthy talked to ESPN astir Aaron's random enactment of kindness, saying, successful part, "I'll conscionable accidental astir Aaron Jones and our players: I look astatine that arsenic I'm thankful that everybody other is getting to spot what I get to spot beauteous overmuch each day."

Packers RB Aaron Jones' random enactment of kindness astatine airdrome goes viral

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