Oregon Will Deploy National Guard to Support Hospitals

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Gov. Kate Brown said up to 500 unit could beryllium called up successful the coming weeks.

A archetypal  deployment of 125 National Guard members is scheduled to beryllium  sent to Oregon hospitals adjacent  week to supply  logistical support.
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Mike Baker

Published Jan. 7, 2022Updated Jan. 8, 2022, 1:49 a.m. ET

Oregon volition deploy up to 500 National Guard members successful the coming weeks to enactment wellness attraction workers arsenic Covid hospitalizations emergence successful the state, Gov. Kate Brown said connected Friday.

Ms. Brown said that opening adjacent week, a archetypal deployment of 125 unit would spell to enactment astatine hospitals, providing logistical enactment specified arsenic moving instrumentality and assisting with testing.

“With much than 500 existent hospitalizations and regular record-breaking numbers of Covid-19 cases, we are astatine different captious constituent successful this pandemic,” Ms. Brown said successful a statement. Her bureau said the authorities would enactment with infirmary systems to show the request for further National Guard deployments.

Like different parts of the country, Oregon has recorded a accelerated summation successful infections since the accomplishment of the Omicron variant, with regular lawsuit counts present astir treble the erstwhile highest implicit the summer. Covid hospitalizations are good beneath the summertime highest but person started to emergence again, up 40 percent since Christmas.

Researchers astatine Oregon Health & Science University person projected that the hospitalization inclination volition proceed and acceptable caller highs for the authorities by the extremity of the month. They encouraged radical to debar indoor gatherings, deterioration masks and get vaccinated oregon boosted arsenic soon arsenic possible.

“Anything Oregonians tin bash present to trim the dispersed of the microorganism volition assistance to sphere infirmary capableness for those who request it most,” said Dr. Peter Graven, the manager of the university’s Office of Advanced Analytics.

Governors of different states person besides activated National Guard troops successful caller days to assistance enactment wellness workers who are battling the Omicron surge.

Gov. Gavin Newsom of California said connected Friday that much than 200 National Guard members would beryllium deployed crossed 50 sites to assistance conscionable request for testing. He said they would assistance with assemblage power and supply objective attraction successful places with staffing shortages.

Mike Ives contributed reporting.

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