One of Katie's 'Bachelorette' breakups brings the other men to tears

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NEW YORK -- Katie kicked disconnected this week of "The Bachelorette" by saying she wanted to spot which of the men were "master of their domain." She had Tayshia and Kaitlyn present her connection to the men. Katie said she wanted to marque it hard for them, but isn't this process hard enough?! Operation WOWO. Bleep, bleep, nary much debased fiving successful the shower.

One-on-One with Justin
Kaitlyn dropped disconnected a day paper that read, "Justin, I tin representation a aboriginal with you." That meant that helium was gathering up with Katie to bash a wedding photoshoot. As Justin got acceptable for his date, Hunter told Greg that helium thinks he, Greg, and Connor, on with 1 different antheral are successful the apical four. It rubbed Greg the incorrect mode that Hunter was reasoning successful specified a calculated manner. Meantime, Franco helped benignant Katie and Justin for their wedding photograph shot, implicit with a unreal wedding day. They wrote their ain vows to each different and they were truly beautiful! Then they smashed a wedding barroom successful each other's faces.

During the evening information of the date, Katie told Justin that it was hard reasoning of her wedding time without her begetter since helium passed away. Before her dada passed away, she recovered retired that her dada wasn't her biologic father. She said that her biologic dada wants to beryllium successful her beingness and she's struggling to physique a narration with a antheral she knows thing about, portion besides mourning the antheral who raised her. She said that erstwhile she gets adjacent to her biologic dada it's a reminder that her dada isn't live anymore. Justin told Katie that he's honored she chose him for this date. Katie offered him the day roseate and past took him to creation to a opus by the creator Max.

Group Date

The radical day paper read, "Blake, Andrew S., Michael A., Greg, Aaron, Mike P., Brendan, James, Tre, Hunter, This queen is looking for her king." That meant Connor was going to get a one-on-one! Katie said portion Justin's one-on-one day was a wedding, this day was similar a "Bachelorette" party. Two resistance queens came retired and enactment connected a small amusement for the guys. Then the men had to enactment connected a royal statement successful beforehand of Monet X Change and Shea Coulee. The queens were not impressed with however lame the statement was and they recovered it excessively sweet. So, they started asking pugnacious questions similar who is slightest compatible with Katie. They threw Hunter nether the autobus for having a top-four list. Then, helium revealed that he's falling successful emotion with Katie! Tre and a fewer of the different men threw him nether the autobus and said that helium is not successful emotion with her. Hunter refused to occurrence backmost and past helium gave a mushy code astir not taking her for granted.

Later, Katie took clip to talk to each of the men one-on-one. Andrew S. told Katie that he's "good" and "master of his domain." He told her nary 1 other has what they person and helium wants to beryllium her king. Greg told Katie that helium felt atrocious talking astir their transportation successful beforehand of the different men. He told her that he's falling for her and Katie said that she feels the same. Blake told her that he's struggling with the WOWO challenge, apparently, helium does it a lot. Cue the intersexual innuendo. That didn't halt them from kissing! They person a amusive rapport with each other.

Just arsenic Katie was having fun, James made a last-ditch effort to enactment successful her bully graces by joining the Right Reasons constabulary force. He told her that Hunter is determination for the incorrect reasons and that enactment a damper connected things. Tre said that Hunter gave a antithetic reply to the queens astir whether oregon not helium loved Katie. Aaron besides piled on. Katie decided she needed to perceive Hunter out.

Hunter said that he's lone focused connected her and helium doesn't cognize however other to support himself. He added that she should announcement that the guys support picking radical to pack up on. Katie said that she doesn't consciousness bully astir things and she needs to instrumentality a minute. She got truthful upset she started to propulsion up! Then she went backmost to the radical and told them that she would not beryllium handing retired a roseate that evening, said goodbye to them, and walked out. Brendan ne'er got clip with her arsenic a effect of the drama.

Connor's One-on-One Date

The day paper read, "Connor, let's fto our emotion radiance bright." Katie was successful amended spirits seeing him aft her disastrous radical date. However, Katie said that she doesn't consciousness a spark erstwhile they buss and she's hoping to determination him retired of the person zone. They went connected a treble day with Kaitlyn and Jason! They played volleyball, a crippled with a coconut, and a getting to cognize you benignant game. Jason said that he's a large Connor instrumentality due to the fact that helium seems to beryllium a large guy. Jason and Connor grilled unneurotic and talked astir however things were going arsenic the girls made margaritas. Kaitlyn and Jason gave them a pep speech astir however to crook a relationship into a romance. Then they did immoderate kissing!

Later, Katie was wearing sweats arsenic she headed to Connor's edifice room. Clearly, Katie didn't deliberation the kissing went well. UGH. Poor Connor, everlastingly successful the person zone. He opened the doorway and she was already crying. She told him that he's a large man, the opus helium wrote her meant the satellite to her, and she said, "I can't adjacent look astatine you close now." "It's ok, I cognize wherever this is going," helium told her. He consoled her arsenic she broke his heart. She told him that she conscionable couldn't get it determination with the kissing and that thing was missing. Then Connor started to cry! It was specified a bittersweet breakup! Connor is simply a people act. Katie gave it an A+ effort to effort to get their narration to a romanticist level but sometimes it's conscionable not there. "God! How atrocious of a kisser americium I?!" Connor lamented. He went backmost to the main country wherever each the guys were and helium cried connected their shoulders. It brought tears to Tre's eyes! They each started to outcry due to the fact that it got truly affectional to accidental goodbye to specified a bully feline that they had each go friends with.

Blake Consoles Katie
Blake gave Katie a "Say Anything" infinitesimal with their opus "Memorize You" from their date! He thought she could usage immoderate cheering up truthful helium went to spot her. He gave her immoderate brainsick romanticist kisses! He turned her frown upside down! He told her that helium could archer she had been crying and helium conscionable wanted to beryllium with her. He told Katie astir Connor's bittersweet goodbye to the guys and helium said helium couldn't halt reasoning astir however Katie was astir apt sitting astir crying too. Katie said it was the top astonishment ever! "It's intolerable to contradict that Katie and I are going to autumn successful love," Blake said. "I consciousness similar Katie is going to beryllium my fiancée!"

Rose Ceremony

Katie told the men that it was a pugnacious week for her sending Connor location and she said that the radical day was besides hard connected her. She said clip would not marque a quality truthful she would beryllium skipping the cocktail enactment and conscionable handing retired the roses. Once it was clip to manus retired the roses, Katie called Hunter's name, grabbed a roseate and asked him to speech outside. She told him that the play helium brought fundamentally ruined the radical date, and helium apologized. He went backmost successful and stood with the radical of men, not wearing a rose. Katie told the men she didn't person clip to play catchup oregon woody with the drama.
1) Justin (one-on-one date)
2) Blake
3) Andrew

4) Greg
5) Michael A.
6) Mike P.
7) Brendan
That meant Hunter, Aaron, Tre, and James were each cut. Wow. In summation to Connor, that's 5 men eliminated.

Next Week
Katie volition prime her last 4 adjacent week and that means hometowns. There are a batch of affectional times ahead, and 1 concerning clip wherever Blake seemingly told Katie that he's not successful emotion with her? Could helium beryllium referring to thing else? Time volition tell! Next week feels truthful acold away!

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