NRL unveils new schedule for Queensland bubble

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Following the relocation of each NSW and ACT-based teams to Queensland, the docket for Round 18 of the NRL play has been confirmed.

The revised docket volition spot 2 treble headers instrumentality place, with the archetypal 1 astatine Cbus Super Stadium connected Friday and the 2nd connected Sunday astatine Suncorp Stadium.

Friday volition spot the Titans taking connected the Eels, followed by the Sea Eagles' clash with the Dragons.

Then connected Sunday, the Warriors volition instrumentality connected the Panthers, portion the Broncos volition big the Tigers.

"We person moved arsenic rapidly arsenic imaginable to supply certainty to our Clubs, fans and partners," NRL Chief Executive Andrew Abdo said.

NRL main commercialized serviceman Andrew Abdo. (Sydney Morning Herald)

"Two treble headers crossed the play is an breathtaking result for our fans successful Queensland, it gives them an accidental to spot 4 teams astatine 1 venue, successful 1 day.

"I'm peculiarly pleased that Storm fans, who person been starved of rugby league, volition person the accidental to ticker the Storm instrumentality connected the Knights unrecorded astatine AAMI Park connected Saturday night."

"We are continuing the biggest logistical cognition our crippled has ever faced, moving teams and families into their Southeast Queensland hubs implicit the coming days. We anticipation to guarantee arsenic small disruption to the Clubs and to the contention arsenic possible."



Titans v Eels                                    Cbus Super Stadium                      6.00pm

Sea Eagles v Dragons                  Cbus Super Stadium (Nine)           8.05pm


Raiders v Sharks                           Cbus Super Stadium                        3.00pm

Cowboys v Roosters                    QCB Stadium                                 5.30pm

Storm v Knights                             AAMI Park                                        7.35pm


Warriors v Panthers                      Suncorp Stadium                              1.50pm

Broncos v Tigers                            Suncorp Stadium (Nine)                  4.05pm

Rabbitohs v Bulldogs                   Cbus Super Stadium                   6.15pm

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