New HPD initiative to help fight road rage: 'We're going to be out there'

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- You whitethorn person been noticing much reports of roadworthy rage passim the metropolis of Houston, but the metropolis has a program of enactment to little the unit that they accidental is already working.

During a quality league held by the Houston Police Department connected Thursday, authorities introduced a caller inaugural aimed astatine eliminating roadworthy rage.

"It's go specified a problem," said HPD Assistant Chief Larry Satterwhite.

It's a collaborative effort that involves respective Houston-area instrumentality enforcement agencies, including the Harris County Sheriff's Office and the Texas Department of Public Safety. So acold this year, Satterwhite said they've received 1,500 calls of reported roadworthy rage.

"Now those are not each calls we person crimes behind, but [those are] the calls that person travel in," said Satterwhite. "But I volition archer you that we person implicit 100 investigations underway close present involving firearms betwixt our Major Assaults and Family Violence Division and our Homicide Division, moving connected those types of crimes that person happened conscionable this year."

The inaugural announcement comes successful the aftermath of an apprehension made aft a antheral was seen pointing a weapon astatine different operator connected the East Loop. Police said successful that case, the antheral was arrested 2 hours aft the study was made.

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Since the motorboat of the programme past week, HPD said they've seen a 20% driblet successful roadworthy rage calls.

The programme focuses connected having much officers connected immoderate of the busiest postulation areas crossed the city.

To start, HPD said authorities, who volition beryllium successful marked and unmarked vehicles, are zoning successful connected large freeways during unreserved hr traffic, which is erstwhile they accidental is wherever and erstwhile they're seeing the astir cases of roadworthy rage.

"We are connected each of our freeways and each of our places wherever this emerges the most, but were everywhere," said Satterwhite. "It's not conscionable the freeways. It's immoderate of our large roads successful the city. We're going to beryllium retired there."

Authorities volition beryllium looking for anyone driving aggressively, honking their horn for nary reason, speeding oregon switching lanes without utilizing the signal. To assistance drivers go much aware, HPD issued a bid of tips to debar roadworthy rage.

In information obtained by ABC13 connected Monday, the Harris County Sheriff's Office took 82 reports of roadworthy rage successful 2019, 63 successful 2020, and truthful acold successful 2021, they person taken 57.

Those reports bash not see aggravated assaults oregon homicides.

"It's making it harder for radical similar you oregon maine to thrust and spell to enactment oregon bash errands without possibly upsetting idiosyncratic to the constituent that they privation to instrumentality your life," the sheriff's bureau said.

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