NAACP and Clergy say Texas' GOP bill weakens voting rights

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AUSTIN, Texas (KTRK) -- As the NAACP and Black churches person been getting souls to the polls for decades, their ngo connected Thursday included souls to the authorities capitol.

Hundreds of protesters rallied against laws that they accidental weaken voting rights. Barbara Boddie, a disabled veteran, fears that the voting measure Republicans are pushing done the Texas legislature volition marque it harder for her and others with disabilities to vote.

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"I had to get a imperishable stimulator successful my backmost to assistance curb the symptom that trickles down my back," said Boddie, who has constricted usage of her legs and back.

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She is present near knowing that, dissimilar different voters, she could nary longer ballot privately.

"I'm successful enactment of everything that is being taken distant from america nether elector suppression," said Boddie.

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That's wherefore she decided to articulation spiritual leaders astatine the authorities capitol, for a supplication and justness rally protesting elector laws backed by GOP legislators that would bring astir a assortment of changes to voting successful the state.

The measure includes banning drive-thru and 24-hour voting options and enhances entree for partisan canvass watchers. The measure besides prohibits section predetermination officials from sending retired unsolicited applications to petition mail-in ballots on with caller elector recognition requirements for absentee voters.

On Thursday, pastors met with authorities legislators wrong the capitol and protestors marched astir the building.

Senate is was not successful session, but volition instrumentality connected Friday.

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