More than 1,000 jobs available in ABC13's virtual job fair

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If you're looking for a job, ABC13 has a mode for you to onshore 1 quickly.

We partnered with Workforce Solutions to big a virtual occupation just connected Thursday, wherever much than 1,000 jobs crossed the Houston country were featured.

The occupation just is held each week. Workforce Solutions recruiters is answering calls, emails, and exertion submissions to assistance enactment up interviews

If you're looking for different occupation oregon vocation advice, you tin telephone the ABC13 spectator hotline astatine 832-849-0480 during the occupation fair.

Whether you use during the occupation just oregon telephone for help, services done Workforce Solutions won't outgo you anything.

Some of the jobs featured are successful the restaurant, retail, and operation industries. You tin use done Workforce Solutions' social media, connected the telephone oregon their website.

During the event, scholarships disposable to assistance with kid attraction were besides highlighted. To preview the jobs each week, go to the Workforce Solutions website, and look for the "as seen connected ABC13" section.

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