Missouri City gym owner admits error after COVID outbreak

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MISSOURI CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- A Missouri City ma is frustrated aft she claims Alpha Omega Gymnastics and Dance did not fto parents cognize successful a timely mode astir kids investigating affirmative for COVID-19 during summertime campy earlier this month.

She did not privation to beryllium identified aft receiving backlash connected a societal media station she made astir the situation.

She says, overall, this should person been handled overmuch differently.

"I deliberation they should person unopen down immediately, notified everybody who had been astatine the gym, done heavy cleaning, [and] possibly closed for a time oregon two," said the mom. "They should person done something."

The gym released a connection to ABC13 saying they are present alert of 10 affirmative cases.

Read the afloat connection below:

"On July 19, we were notified that 2 of the children from the aforesaid household who participated successful our campy had tested affirmative for COVID-19. At the time, I believed it to beryllium an isolated case. Not wanting to panic others, I made the determination not to notify the parents of different campy participants. That was intelligibly an mistake successful judgement, and 1 that I regret due to the fact that we present person a full of 10 children who person tested positive. To date, each parents person been notified and determination person been nary different cases reported. We are taking steps to further guarantee the well-being of our students and staff. Our facilities person been deep-cleaned and sanitized by a reputable cleaning institution and volition beryllium thoroughly cleaned connected a regular basis. We volition besides instrumentality the temperatures of each who participate our installation each time to guarantee they person nary fevers. We instrumentality the information and well-being of our students, parents and unit precise seriously. We volition proceed to measure the ever-changing clime and respond appropriately and responsibly."

Gym owners Jerit and Sarah Pogue explicate they, too, privation they would person handled the contented differently.

"In hindsight, we should person alerted everybody before, arsenic soon arsenic we had that archetypal lawsuit and fto them cognize that this was going connected and, to ticker their kids," said Jerit Pogue. "That was a misjudgment connected my part."

The Pogues person owned the Missouri City gym for astir 20 years and said this has been a pugnacious acquisition to learn.

"I person radical who consciousness similar I fto them down," helium said. "That I broke their spot and confidence, and that narration has been severed a small bit. But each I tin do, astatine this point, is say, 'Hey, I made an error.' I should person done things differently. Could I person gone back, I would bash things differently, and I americium going to grip things otherwise moving forward."

The Pogues told ABC13 they person changed immoderate policies astatine the gym successful airy of this.

They accidental moving forward, parents volition beryllium notified astir immoderate affirmative cases. They person besides resumed taking temperatures and asking astir COVID symptoms astatine the door.

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