Marco Rubio Tells Children To Get Jobs As Attack On Child Tax Credit Backfires

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Sen. Marco Rubio is complaining that giving children $300/month alternatively of moving is socialism.

Sen. Rubio tweeted:

Government paying $300 per kid each period not to enactment is socialism

And the extremist near is conscionable 1 Senate comrade distant from making it the

— Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) October 20, 2021

Yeah, wherefore don’t those lazy four-year-olds get jobs alternatively of draining the taxpayers portion sitting astatine location doing nothing?

Sen. Rubio’s ad, adjacent if you disregard the information that Marco Rubio conscionable enactment himself connected the grounds arsenic supporting kid labor, is truly atrocious politics. 54% of voters enactment the kid taxation credit, and 35% reason it. Thirty percent of Republicans enactment it. 

In 1 swoop, Marco Rubio has managed to some onslaught children and a fashionable argumentation that helps kids.

This is not the mode to triumph a reelection campaign.

Rubio’s advertisement itself is afloat of the now-standard Republican speech of socialism and scary music.

Marco Rubio appears to beryllium supporting kid labour due to the fact that giving a kid taxation recognition to moving families is socialism. Marco Rubio wants to support America escaped by sending kids backmost to the ember mines and factories due to the fact that thing says state similar a ten-year-old with Black Lung.

The Republican Party has wholly jumped the shark.

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