Man who walks hours to work gets help from Chicago radio personality

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ROSELLE,Ill -- Braxton Mayes has been walking 3 hours each mode to enactment and backmost aft his car broke down. Each greeting helium leaves astatine 4 a.m.

"It's conscionable 1 of those things," Mayes said. "You gotta bash what you gotta do."

The 20-year-old walks astir 12 miles each mode betwixt the westbound suburban towns of Montgomery and Batavia, which is astir a marathon each day.

One day, Chicago vigor property Ray Stevens saw Mayes walking. That's erstwhile helium stopped to connection a thrust and discovered the backstory.

Stevens decided to assistance Mayes by creating a societal media run to assistance rise funds to hole Mayes's car. In days, Stevens raised much than $4,000.

"It brought maine to tears," Mayes said. "I didn't cognize erstwhile I would travel up with the wealth to hole it oregon however galore times I would person to walk."

Mayes said helium expects the repairs to his car to beryllium completed soon. His leader seemingly didn't cognize helium was walking and volition present supply him a ride.

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