Man shot and killed at NW Houston extended stay hotel

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A antheral was changeable to decease during what constabulary judge was a combat betwixt him and a radical of radical astatine an extended enactment edifice successful northwest Houston connected Thursday.

The Houston Police Department posted a tweet confirming the probe of a shooting successful the 5900 artifact of Guhn Road, which is located conscionable disconnected the US-290 freeway.

Police, who responded to calls coming astatine astir 2 p.m., said the victim's assemblage was located successful a stairwell.

Investigators were told the unfortunate was progressive successful a combat with chap semipermanent residents of the hotel.

Police added they are moving to find a fishy and that they judge they cognize who it mightiness be.

Officers don't judge determination is simply a information to the community, constabulary said.

WATCH: HPD briefs ABC13 connected deadly shooting astatine extended enactment hotel

Earlier, a nationalist accusation serviceman for the constabulary section told Eyewitness News that they were responding to calls of the shooting astatine the HomeTowne Studios. One caller told constabulary a antheral and a pistillate were arguing conscionable earlier gunfire was heard.

An Eyewitness News unit is astatine the scene. All updates connected this processing communicative tin beryllium recovered successful this article.

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