Man sexually assaulted by Humble hospital worker during CT scan, police say

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HUMBLE, Texas (KTRK) -- A radiologic technician, whose enactment certification was suspended by a Texas committee this week, is inactive down bars since his apprehension past period for allegedly sexually assaulting a antheral diligent who was undergoing a CT scan.

Charging documents authorities that 59-year-old Cadwallader Coles is accused of performing an unwanted enactment enactment connected the patient, who past was allegedly offered ace cocaine by Coles.

According to police, the incidental reportedly happened connected Feb. 5 portion Coles was moving his on-call displacement astatine Townsen Memorial Hospital successful Humble.

Documents authorities Coles told the unfortunate to laic down connected his backmost connected CT scan earlier helium pulled his pants down and committed the act. Police has the diligent recalling the incident, stating that helium "pushed the Defendant distant and helium was trying to leave, but the Defendant stopped him and told him, 'No, please.' The Defendant past took Complainant by the limb into the viewing country and the suspect took retired a tube and offered him drugs."

Police were called to the infirmary wherever they confronted Coles. According to documents, Coles denied that it happened, telling investigators helium "administered the CT scan to the Complainant, and past helium went wrong the viewing country and saw the Complainant tally out."

However, a DNA illustration was taken from the diligent and Coles' DNA showed up connected the swab.

Police besides located 2 grams of cocaine and a instrumentality utilized to fume ace cocaine successful the viewing country wherever Coles worked.

Eyewitness News reached retired to Townsen Memorial Hospital, which referred to its ineligible counsel. We are awaiting response.

Coles was initially arrested that time for possession of a controlled substance and bonded retired of jailhouse the adjacent day.

Then, Coles was charged with intersexual battle of an big connected June 17 and arrested 5 days later. He remains down bars connected $15,000 bond.

On Monday, a disciplinary sheet of the Texas Board of Medical Radiologic Technology temporarily suspended Coles' certificate to signifier aft it said it determined "his continuation successful the signifier of aesculapian radiologic exertion poses a continuing menace to nationalist welfare."

The committee besides stated Coles admitted that helium was nether the power of intoxicant portion working.

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