Man arrested in brazen NY attempted kidnapping attacks officer while in custody: police

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NEW YORK -- A fishy who was charged successful a foiled kidnapping effort of a 5-year-old lad successful New York, has present been charged with assaulting an serviceman portion successful custody, according to police.

Officials accidental 24-year-old James McGonagle punched an NYPD serviceman successful the look arsenic the serviceman attempted to instrumentality his fingerprints. The serviceman suffered bleeding successful the face.

They accidental the incidental happened portion helium was successful custody wrong a section hospital.

McGonagle was taken into custody connected Friday successful transportation to the attempted kidnapping of a 5-year-old lad successful Queens Thursday.

Police primitively charged him with attempted kidnapping, reckless endangerment and acting successful a mode injurious to a child.

UPDATE: A 24-year-old antheral has been arrested and charged with:

- Attempted Kidnapping
- Reckless Endangerment
- Acting successful a Manner Injurious to a Child little than 17

— NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) July 17, 2021

Video released Friday, shows a 5-year-old walking with his parent erstwhile McGonagle got retired of a reddish vehicle, picked the lad up, and carried him into the car portion the different fishy sat successful the beforehand passenger's seat.

WATCH | Raw video of incident:

The boy's mother, Dolores Diaz Lopez, saw it happening, reached done the car's unfastened beforehand window, and pulled her lad distant from the antheral and retired of the car.

According to sources, officers were astatine the infirmary wherever McGonagle was for an unrelated substance erstwhile they recognized him from the video.

They accidental McGonagle was astatine the infirmary seeking immoderate benignant of attraction and was taken into custody.

Police are inactive searching for a 2nd suspect.

Police sources archer our sister-station WABC that the older antheral seen walking adjacent to McGonagle is his father.

The parent of the 5-year-old lad spoke retired connected Friday.

VIDEO | Watch the interview:

Diaz Lopez said she was walking with her children, connected their mode to sojourn her hubby astatine enactment erstwhile a antheral grabbed her son, Jacob.

"I said 'oh my God my kids, ohio my God my boy," Diaz Lopez said.

She said her lad initially sat down successful the backmost seat, but aft she and her children pleaded for them to springiness the lad back, helium stood up and she was capable to drawback him.

The suspects drove disconnected southbound connected Hillside Avenue and past westbound connected Jamaica Avenue.

"I don't cognize wherefore that happened. I didn't spot those people, ever," Diaz Lopez said.

She explained successful Spanish that a mother's instinct is what made her combat and enactment successful a antithetic way.

"You person to bash what's necessary, nary substance what," said said. "The car was conscionable parked there. I would ne'er person imagined that a antheral would get retired of the car and drawback my son. You ever person to beryllium alert of your surroundings and not beryllium connected your phone."

Jacob was playing video games connected his telephone by Friday afternoon, but Lopez says each 3 of her children are traumatized and garbage to permission the house.

"Mothers person to beryllium cautious with their children," she said. "Always clasp their manus erstwhile walking with them, due to the fact that determination are a batch of evil radical and you ne'er cognize who is near."

Police released pictures of the 2 suspects.

The kid was not injured and the motive remains a mystery.

The conveyance is described arsenic an older exemplary maroon 4-door sedan.

Police are asking anyone with accusation to telephone the NYPD's Crime Stoppers Hotline astatine 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

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