Man accused of stabbing Harris Co. woman 40 times, killing her, granted bail

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- The antheral accused of stabbing a parent astatine slightest 40 times, sidesplitting her, goes backmost earlier a justice Thursday.

Deputies accidental this was a brutal murder. Anfernee Ramon Stephens is accused of stabbing Alexius Thomas-Jones astatine slightest 40 times wrong her flat successful the 16700 artifact of Ella Boulevard past week.

Stephens appeared earlier a justice Wednesday nighttime connected a execution complaint related to Jones' death.

Investigators accidental helium was retired connected enslaved connected an unrelated burglary complaint erstwhile the sidesplitting happened.

A justice granted Stephens bail again contempt calling him a menace to nationalist safety. This time, the enslaved was acceptable astatine $150,000.

"He's astatine precocious hazard to reoffend and erstwhile helium does, it volition beryllium for a convulsive offense. What I'm going to bash is acceptable the bail successful this lawsuit astatine $150,000," the justice said successful tribunal Wednesday.

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Last Monday, deputies conducted a payment cheque astatine Jones' flat aft her parent couldn't get successful interaction with her. She was expected to prime up her kid and ne'er showed.

When deputies arrived, they recovered a "horrifying scene" of the parent stabbed to death. Her car was besides stolen.

Deputies said determination were disposable signs of a struggle, and the country spanned respective rooms successful the apartment.

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Investigators haven't said what the motive was down the attack, oregon what the narration was betwixt her and Stephens.

13 Investigates recovered that reported transgression successful 2020 was up 17% from 2019, and this year, transgression is up 14% from 2019.

Bail strategy critics accidental it's excessively casual for convulsive offenders to beryllium released from custody, citing debased bonds issued by judges

As for Stephens, ABC13 recovered different priory felony convictions connected his record, including robbery.

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