Liz Cheney’s Consultants Are Given an Ultimatum: Drop Her, or Be Dropped

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The message, delivered by a lobbyist adjacent to the House number leader, Kevin McCarthy, has already led 1 Republican steadfast to chopped ties.

The narration   has disintegrated betwixt   the House number  leader, Kevin McCarthy, center, and Representative Liz Cheney.
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Jonathan Martin

Oct. 21, 2021Updated 4:55 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON — A salient Washington lobbyist adjacent to Kevin McCarthy, the House number leader, is informing Republican governmental consultants that they indispensable take betwixt moving for Representative Liz Cheney oregon Mr. McCarthy, an ultimatum that marks the afloat rupture betwixt the 2 House Republicans.

Jeff Miller, the lobbyist and a confidant of Mr. McCarthy’s dating to their youthful days successful California politics, has conveyed this us-or-her connection to Republican strategists successful caller weeks, prompting 1 fund-raising steadfast to disassociate itself from Ms. Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming.

In response, The Morning Group, a fund-raising steadfast she hired to assistance hole for a superior adjacent twelvemonth against a challenger endorsed by erstwhile President Donald J. Trump, informed her past period they could nary longer enactment connected her campaign, according to Republicans acquainted with the matter.

Mr. Miller’s warnings exemplify the disintegration of the narration betwixt the 2 lawmakers, who began this twelvemonth serving unneurotic successful the House Republican leadership. They besides underline Mr. McCarthy’s willingness to wield his enactment presumption to undercut Ms. Cheney’s re-election and caput disconnected an impediment to his claiming the speakership, should Republicans triumph a House bulk adjacent year. Were Ms. Cheney to instrumentality to Congress, she would loom arsenic a imaginable instigator of immoderate effort to artifact Mr. McCarthy from starring their enactment successful the House.

After initially defending Ms. Cheney to House Republicans aggravated astatine her for voting to impeach Mr. Trump earlier this year, Mr. McCarthy abandoned her aft she continued to talk retired against the erstwhile president. In May, with Mr. McCarthy’s blessing, enactment lawmakers ousted Ms. Cheney from her relation arsenic the third-ranking House Republican.

Since then, Ms. Cheney has sharply criticized Mr. McCarthy and has made wide she volition not enactment him arsenic person or, if Republicans instrumentality the House adjacent year, arsenic speaker. After she joined the House prime committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack, organized by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Mr. McCarthy called Ms. Cheney and different dissident connected the sheet “Pelosi Republicans.”

The Republican leader’s allies judge Ms. Cheney, by continuing to lament Mr. Trump’s grip connected the party, is threatening their prospects successful the midterm elections astatine a infinitesimal erstwhile President Biden’s declining support ratings person different near the G.O.P. good positioned.

In an interview, Mr. Miller, who became adjacent to Mr. Trump during his medication and raised much than $100 cardinal for his re-election efforts, said Republican consultants were connected notice.

“She’s not conscionable undermining Kevin but the full G.O.P. conference,” Mr. Miller said of Ms. Cheney. “You’re either with Kevin, and the conference, oregon the idiosyncratic undermining them. You can’t service 2 masters.”

The lobbyist declined to sermon his communications with enactment strategists oregon to accidental if Mr. McCarthy had prompted him to contented the ultimatum. Mr. Miller, whose clients see Amazon and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, does not enactment for the person and is not paid by him. However, they are the closest of friends, and person been since they worked unneurotic for erstwhile Representative Bill Thomas, the almighty Bakersfield Republican whom Mr. McCarthy succeeded successful Congress.

A spokesperson for Mr. McCarthy declined to comment.

In Washington’s Republican circles, the narration betwixt lobbyist and person is good known and Mr. Miller’s connection is authoritative, arsenic made wide by the fund-raising firm’s cutting ties with Ms. Cheney.

The National Republican Congressional Committee, the House G.O.P.’s run arm, does not get progressive successful primaries.

But the Congressional Leadership Fund, the main House Republican “super PAC,” which Mr. McCarthy efficaciously controls, is not supporting Ms. Cheney, though it is supporting immoderate of the different House Republicans who voted to impeach Mr. Trump, according to a Republican authoritative acquainted with the group’s strategy.


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To Ms. Cheney, the behind-the-scenes run against her lone highlights however beholden to Mr. Trump Mr. McCarthy is — and the lengths to which helium volition spell arsenic helium grasps for the speakership.

A spokesperson for Ms. Cheney, Jeremy Adler, blistered Mr. McCarthy for moving against her candidacy portion supporting immoderate of the astir utmost members of the House Republican conference.

“It’s bittersweet but not astonishing that Kevin McCarthy is continuing down the morally bankrupt way of embracing House Republicans who are achromatic supremacists and conspiracy theorists, but attacking Liz Cheney for telling the information and lasting for the Constitution,” Mr. Adler said.

A main astatine The Morning Group, Mackenzie Jortner Dolan, declined to remark connected the firm’s determination to driblet Ms. Cheney. As of mid-September, Ms. Dolan was inactive moving for the congresswoman, emailing Republican donors to beforehand a fund-raiser Ms. Cheney held successful Dallas connected Monday with erstwhile President George W. Bush.

She raised astir $400,000 astatine the Bush event, for which tickets began astatine $1,000.

Ms. Cheney has not suffered financially for her outspoken disapproval of Mr. Trump and Mr. McCarthy. Through the extremity of September, she had raised implicit $5 cardinal and had much than $3.6 cardinal connected hand.

She has retained enactment from an array of starring Republicans, including Mr. Bush; Mitch McConnell, the Senate number leader; and the erstwhile House Speakers John Boehner and Paul Ryan.

She has, however, emerged arsenic possibly Mr. Trump’s apical precedence to defeat. After gathering with a bid of would-be challengers, Mr. Trump successful September endorsed Harriet Hageman, a Cheyenne lawyer who had taken portion successful a failed, last-ditch effort to portion him of the 2016 Republican statesmanlike nomination 2 months aft helium had clinched it.

Ms. Hageman, who was erstwhile a Cheney household person and served arsenic an advisor to Ms. Cheney’s short-lived 2014 Senate campaign, raised conscionable implicit $300,000 for the quarter, but she lone filed her candidacy connected Sept. 9.

Mr. Trump has endorsed a fistful of different Republicans challenging the lawmakers who voted to impeach him and was exultant past period erstwhile Representative Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio, who formed 1 of the 10 Republican votes to impeach, said helium would discontinue from Congress alternatively than tally against a erstwhile Trump White House official.

“1 Down, 9 To Go!” the erstwhile president said successful a connection astatine the time.

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