Latina-owned business in Chicago offers healthier food options on the West Side

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CHICAGO, Il -- A Latina-family-owned concern called "MCM Protein Bar" volition beryllium opening its doors to the nationalist this weekend. It offers the West Side's Pilsen vicinity healthier nutrient options, each with a amusive Mexican twist!
Owners Monica Aranda, Arasele Calvo, and Marlen Villordo said it took them a twelvemonth to unfastened their imagination business. They each person a inheritance successful nutrition!

"I consciousness similar were going to beryllium capable to supply thing antithetic successful this community," said proprietor Monica Aranda.
MCM Protein Bar offers steadfast and tasty nutrient and drinks specified arsenic their instrumentality connected the michelada. Instead of alcohol, the michelada is made up of energizing vitamins and seltzer water. The owners said each their meals are precocious successful protein, offering implicit 5 antithetic flavors of macromolecule powder.

Aranda said erstwhile they commencement making profits, they'd similar to springiness backmost to the assemblage by creating a assistance programme for DACA students.

MCM Protein Bar volition unfastened its doors this play July 17th!

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