Knife-shaved noodles and Sichuan flavors draw customers to Rosemead restaurant

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ROSEMEAD, Calif. -- The family-owned JTYH restaurant specializes successful Sichuan-style food, oregon Szechuan, but the edifice cooks up a assortment of tasty flavors, including Taiwanese foods.

"They each travel present for our knife-shaved noodles," said Eugene Huang, co-owner of JTYH restaurant.

Customers travel for the 'special' noodles, but they besides travel for the soups and dumplings. They marque astir 450 a day.

"We beauteous overmuch merchantability out," said Huang. "It's fundamentally a repast successful one; you've got the carbs, got the meat, you've got the veggies, it's each successful here."

Huang and his household judge it's their dumplings and loyal customers that helped their Rosemead concern get done the pandemic during California's unopen down.

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