Kelly Ripa to release 1st book next year titled 'Live Wire'

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CHICAGO -- She's a speech amusement host, an Emmy Award-winner and present an author. Kelly Ripa announced her archetypal publication volition beryllium released adjacent year.

"During the past twelvemonth of my beingness I've been penning a book," Ripa said Wednesday connected "Live with Kelly and Ryan." "For immoderate reason, I thought I could bash this. Don't cognize why, I person nary authorization to bash it. There's ne'er been immoderate impervious that I person this ability. But, I decided to bash it. And it's, you know, a comic postulation of essays and I thought that would beryllium easier than a memoir."

The publication is titled "Live Wire" and it's a postulation of idiosyncratic essays astir Ripa's childhood, marriage, being a mother, and her career.

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