Katy community members pressure city council for changes at animal shelter

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KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- Some radical accidental they privation to spot transparency and alteration astatine the Katy Animal Control Shelter. This request follows the allegations of carnal maltreatment that launched an probe successful precocious 2020.

Katy Mayor Bill Hastings admitted that immoderate things request to improve, but that admittance wasn't bully capable for immoderate people. Community members said they privation important alteration to make what they called a "modern and humane shelter."

"Katy carnal power needs to measurement into existent and modify their policies to amended and assistance these animals," said Robyn Wilder, who was 1 of a fistful of radical astatine the metropolis council's gathering connected Monday. They piped up successful defence of dogs and cats sheltered successful the metropolis limits.

Advocates said they privation the doors unfastened for visitors and volunteers during concern hours. Most of all, they said they privation transparency surrounding the newly-formed Animal Control Advisory Group and its recommendations. Hastings said helium won't perpetrate to that petition due to the fact that radical members asked to stay anonymous.

"We made a large effort and a batch of headway to change. The nationalist truly needs to beryllium patient," helium said.

Hastings besides said there's different study coming retired soon that volition adhd connected to erstwhile recommendations, which truthful acold see things similar establishing a euthanasia argumentation for sick and injured animals and requiring vaccinations. He did not supply a timeline for erstwhile the assembly would enactment the structure connected their agenda, but helium did pass astir misinformation successful the meantime.

"I deliberation if you truly conscionable halt and look astir and volition listen, you tin recognize each the changes that were made and are inactive being made and being worked on. It's conscionable a happening radical are going to person to beryllium diligent with," Hastings said.

The past clip assembly members discussed recommendations to amended the structure was successful April.

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