'Just Beyond' cast talks R.L. Stine-inspired horror anthology series on Disney+

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CULVER CITY, Calif. -- What's awaiting you successful the world conscionable beyond the 1 you already know? Could it beryllium witches, aliens, ghosts oregon parallel universes? The caller Disney+ bid "Just Beyond," inspired by a bid of graphic novels by R.L. Stine, aims to reply that question... portion serving up tons of family-friendly Halloween fun.

"Audiences tin expect to person a spooky, but not highly scary, acquisition watching immoderate truly mysterious, fantastical, twisty episodes," creator Seth Grahame-Smith said, adding that the amusement is comparable to "The Twilight Zone" and "Amazing Stories."

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"It's the cleanable Halloween bid to ticker due to the fact that archetypal of all, it's not excessively spooky," histrion Jy Prishkulnik, who's successful "Which Witch," said. "It's precise magical and fun."

"There's a bully substance for everybody that wants to watch. It's bully for radical who similar that horror, Halloween constituent of movie and TV, but it's besides bully for younger audiences that privation to ticker it and not beryllium excessively scared," said Marcelle LeBlanc, who appears successful "My Monster."

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The formed got to observe their caller bid astatine the Disney+ Hallowstream drive-in premiere successful Culver City, California. 13-year-old histrion Logan Gray, who's successful "Standing Up For Yourself," called it the "greatest acquisition [of his] full life."

The eight-episode anthology bid follows young teens connected a travel of self-discovery. While spooky and supernatural, the amusement tackles a wide scope of applicable topics including anxiety, bullying and coping with grief.

"What I emotion truthful overmuch astir each of these is that it's spooky and scary, but with a motivation and a bigger communicative to archer astir kids and the satellite now," said Sally Pressman, who's successful "My Monster."

"There's thing to beryllium said for emotion and sacrifice and reasoning of others, and I deliberation there's ever a bully clip to bash that, and ever conquering your fears, which makes consciousness during Halloween," added Malcolm Barrett, who appears successful "The Treehouse."

All episodes of "Just Beyond" are present streaming connected Disney+.

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