Just a reminder: Here's who can and can't make you wear masks

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AUSTIN, Texas (KTRK) -- As we proceed to spot a spike successful COVID-19 cases, successful Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott said helium volition not enforce different statewide disguise mandate.

While Abbott said it would beryllium inappropriate to necessitate radical who are immune to COVID-19 to deterioration a mask, different wellness officials person said masks are not a atrocious thought adjacent if you are vaccinated.

But who precisely tin oregon can't mandate you to deterioration a mask?

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The politician tin institute a statewide disguise mandate. But currently, Abbott has an bid that bans a region justice oregon metropolis politician from implementing successful place. The region justice and politician tin adjacent get fined if they bash instrumentality a disguise mandate.

Private businesses specified arsenic Kroger, H-E-B and CVS, tin necessitate you to deterioration a disguise if you privation to participate their business. As of close now, they person not made immoderate changes different than if you are vaccinated you don't person to.

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