Human smugglers hit woman with SUV as she tried to pay ransom for nephew, Rosenberg police say

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ROSENBERG, Texas (KTRK) -- Human smugglers deed a pistillate with their car portion she tried to wage a ransom to merchandise her 21-year-old nephew, Rosenberg constabulary say.

It happened soon earlier 11:30 p.m. Thursday successful the parking batch of Brazos Town Center, wherever the pistillate was attempting to get her nephew.

The pistillate says the accused smugglers demanded $6,000 to merchandise the man.

When she couldn't travel up with the money, the smugglers took disconnected southbound connected US-59 toward Victoria with the young antheral and deed the pistillate with their Cadillac Escalade successful the process.

She was not injured.

A small much than an hr later, the Victoria County Sheriff's Office stopped an SUV connected US-59 aft receiving an alert from Rosenberg police.

Inside were the accused quality smugglers, identified arsenic Ricardo Mejia and Amy Regalado, and the different woman's 21-year-old nephew.

According to police, the 21-year-old is from Honduras and paid to travel to the U.S. done Mexico, but was yet sold betwixt groups of smugglers and moved betwixt a web of stash houses erstwhile crossed the border.

"He wandered astir for up to 3 days wherever helium yet happened upon a state station. He approached a idiosyncratic and asked for help. That person, successful turn, turned him implicit to a antithetic radical of smugglers who past contacted his household and demanded wealth for his release," said Rosenberg Asst. Chief Jarret Nethery.

Mejia and Regalado were taken into Rosenberg constabulary custody and person been charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault.

Police accidental they judge the nephew is present harmless with family.

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