HPD arrests man accused of pulling gun on driver on freeway

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- An apprehension has been made successful a roadworthy rage incidental caught connected video successful which a operator was seen pointing a weapon astatine different operator connected a Houston freeway.

According to the Houston Police Department, 66-year-old Jerry Calliejo was arrested Tuesday, conscionable 2 hours aft a constabulary study was filed. He's been charged with aggravated battle with a deadly weapon.

The operator who recorded the incident, who wished to stay anonymous, said helium oregon she was trying to power lanes connected the East Loop connected Sunday successful bid to get connected the North Freeway.

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The operator said the suspect, who constabulary judge is Calliejo, would not fto them power lanes.

That's erstwhile the operator slowed down and got down the suspect. Almost immediately, the operator said the fishy slammed connected his brakes, forcing the operator to swerve to debar a crash.

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"I spot him inactive down maine going done cars trying to, I guess, travel up adjacent to maine and that's erstwhile I pulled my telephone retired and I spot that helium had a gun," the operator said.

The operator was capable to seizure the different motorist connected video holding the weapon successful his manus and hanging it retired of the model of his car.

"People request to beryllium alert that thing arsenic elemental arsenic switching lanes, without that idiosyncratic wanting you to, tin aggravate them and person them propulsion retired a weapon connected you," the operator said.

Calliejo was issued a $20,000 enslaved and has since bonded out. He's expected backmost successful tribunal connected Thursday, July 15.

In information obtained by ABC13 connected Monday, the Harris County Sheriff's Office took 82 reports of roadworthy rage successful 2019, 63 successful 2020 and truthful acold successful 2021, they person taken 57.

Those reports bash not see aggravated assaults oregon homicides.

"It's making it harder for radical similar you oregon maine to thrust and spell to enactment oregon bash errands without possibly upsetting idiosyncratic to the constituent that they privation to instrumentality your life," the sheriff's bureau said.

The video supra is from ABC13's archetypal study connected this incident.

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